Prenatal Yoga can be a wonderful opportunity to connect deeply with your growing baby, with your changing body, and with your body’s own deep intuition and wisdom. 

Prenatal Yoga

Some of the benefits of prenatal yoga may be:

  • To teach you how to use your breath to calm your mind and body during your pregnancy and birth, 
  • It may  help to increase your strength and flexibility in preparation for giving birth and the demands of motherhood,
  • It may help to reduce anxiety,
  • It may ease aches and pains,
  • It may help you sleep better both during pregnancy and after.

YogaHara has two highly qualified prenatal specialists.

Nina has a Masters in Reproductive and Sexual Health, has spent time working for the World Health Organisation in the area of reproductive and sexual health and in addition to her Yoga Teacher qualification, has also completed a comprehensive Graduate Certificate Yoga of Birth: Teaching Prenatal Yoga.

Sally has, in additional to her Yoga Teacher qualification, a Post Graduate in Pre and Post Natal Yoga (150 hours) through the IYTA (International Yoga Teachers Association), she has also completed the Childbirth Education Training at Royal Women's Hospital and is a member of CAPEA (Childbirth and Parenting Educators of Australia). She has taught pre and post natal yoga since 2001.

Both Nina and Sally have used their considerable knowledge and training through their own pregnancies.

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And of course, post natal Yoga is fantastic for getting back into shape and coping with the demands of motherhood.

"Prenatal yoga nourishes the body, mind and heart during the changes of pregnancy and unfolds women’s innate birthing wisdom in preparation for birth." -- Anahata Giri