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Functional Anatomy for Yoga Teachers

  • YogaHara 1A King Street Bendigo Australia (map)
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This course with Kaye Tribe and Gina Macauley is geared towards Yoga Teachers looking to increase their understanding of functional anatomy and how it relates to yoga asana. Interested students are also welcome to attend.

We will explore the essence of Patanjali's sutra II:46, Sthira Sukham Asanam, A posture should be steady and comfortable. To resolutely reside in a good space. This course will teach you how to help students find their 'good space' in asana.

The way we engage with the earth through what ever part of us is on the earth influences our alignment and structural integrity in the rest of the body. It's not as simple as instructing people into a shape. 

For students to find sthira and sukham, they need to have an idea of where you are going, but also have the permission to arrange themselves based on their own structural anatomy.

This course will show you how to recognise people's own unique structure (we all have a unique structure) and how to give instructions that will help them to find their own sense of centre and ground, effort and ease, sthira and sukham.

Robert Svoboda says: "True asana sthiti [the ability to hold steady] arises when the muscles are evenly engaged and free of tension and strain; when the cadence of the breath becomes rhythmic; and when the mind becomes patient and vigilant, observing whatever arises from moment to moment."

What You Will Learn

We will be looking at key foundation poses and observing:

  • What the spine is doing in each pose,

  • What area may be under tension in the pose

  • Body proportions and how these will affect students being in the pose

  • Why we do certain poses

  • How to effectively invite students into each pose in a way that allows them to work with their own structure.


This 25 hour course will be delivered over 8 sessions:
June 9th  1pm - 4pm *  Looking at the spine in Tadasana (neutral)
July 14th  1pm - 4pm  Looking at the spine in cat/cow
August 4th  1pm - 4pm Looking at the spine in Downward Facing Dog
September 1st  1pm - 4pm   Looking at the spine in cobra (extension)
October 27th  1pm - 4pm   Looking at the spine in gate pose (lateral)
November 17th  1pm - 4pm   Looking at the spine in twists
February 9th  1pm - 4pm   Looking at the spine in forward bend poses
TBA 1pm - 4pm Looking at the spine in asymerical poses
*Session 1 includes a 1 hour asana practice followed by a 30 minute lunch break

The course will be run from the YogaHara Studio at 1A King Street Bendigo

$495 for all 8 session
$75 per session


For a taste of what you will learn, please have a look at this video from Gina offering teaching tips for Downward Facing Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana).

Cancelation Policy

Cancelling will incur a 10% admin fee. 

About Kaye and Gina

Kaye is a qualified Yoga Therapist, Myotherapist and lecturer in a range of health science subjects including functional anatomy. Her teaching experience spans some 23 years and she has a thorough understanding of how applied functional anatomy assists both Yoga teachers and therapists.

Gina is a qualified Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist with a passion for anatomy. She is particularly interested in working with students to discover there own unique expression of any pose through the breath and gravity.

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