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Yoga Philosophy, Psychology and Reality with Paul Wooden

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Paul Wooden will be back in Australia in September and will be offering this one day workshop at YogaHara.

Yoga Philosophy, Psychology and Reality

Understanding the essential heart of wisdom teachings.

Yoga philosophy and psychology can seem a little mysterious and complex at times.

But actually they are very practical teachings. Yoga philosophy is not a new belief system. They are not meant to be believed.

Whether it is obvious to us or not we all already have a philosophical framework from which we live. It may not be conscious and may not be helping us in our lives, but it is there.

There are already many unconscious “truths” through which we live.

The wisdom traditions pose some very simple questions to help us begin the process of uncovering the very framework by which we already live.

One very basic question the traditions ask is: What are you?

The answer to this is not as obvious as we may first think. The philosophical teachings of yoga are invitations to inquire, invitations to look more closely at the real living terrain of our lives.

In this workshop we will begin the intimate process of asking ourselves real questions about life and our place in it.

All methods of practice are forms of inquiry, whether we are inquiring into the terrain of the body, or heart or mind or the very nature of awareness. The wisdom teachings are only revealed to us in the intimate terrain of direct experience. Until understanding is revealed through the direct reality of our lives they remain ideas. Understanding the philosophical teachings of yoga is ultimately not even a mental process.

The teachings of yoga and all the wisdom traditions are really pointing to the very human reality we live in and how we participate with this reality.


Saturday September 7th
9.30am - 12noon
1.30pm - 4pm
Lunch not included
YogaHara Studio, 1A King Street Bendigo.

Bookings essential

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About Paul

Paul, now based on the island of Palawan in the Phillipines, is a master teachers and has been running yoga and meditation retreats for over 25 years. He started his own very successful yoga studio and healing centre, Gertrude Street Yoga, in 1997 guiding it to become one of the Melbourne's finest yoga centres.

Besides his 30 plus years experience with yoga and meditation, he is a qualified cranio-sacral therapist and continues his studies in working with trauma in the body.

He sold the studio in 2011 and has since been taking his teachings and yoga retreats internationally. He has had the vision of building the perfect yoga and meditation retreat centre for many years.

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