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By Gina Macauley on Monday, 10 November 2014
I am so honoured to have Paul share his beautiful writing with us. Please enjoy, with love.

We are called again and again into the grace of living.

This precious invitation is constant. It is not that we don’t know the spacious ease of freedom … we feel it all the time. We feel it in the warm glance of our beloved, in the first soft openings of a new day, standing before a stunning work of art, or transfixed before a sunset. 

Afterwards we may say ‘Oh that was beautiful’ and move on, but if we are curious, we might notice something else at play.

By Gina Macauley on Thursday, 23 October 2014

Meditation and Yoga go hand it hand. In fact, many people don't see it as Yoga AND Meditation at all but as one and the same. It really doesn't matter, meditation has a hold in the west and all I can say is, it's about time!

By Gina Macauley on Tuesday, 21 October 2014
I am excited to let you know that in addition to his Early Morning Intensive coming up next week, Paul has agreed to lead a 3 hour workshop on Saturday November 1st.

By Gina Macauley on Wednesday, 8 October 2014

I am very pleased to announce that in term 3 we raised $657.10 for the Kalianna School.

By Gina Macauley on Wednesday, 8 October 2014

I am very happy to say that for term 4 2014 our Community Yoga recipient is the Weekend to End Women's Cancers event which is happening in February 2015.

By Gina Macauley on Friday, 19 September 2014

We had a wonderful time on retreat at Mission Beach in August. By request, her are some photos from the week.

By Gina Macauley on Wednesday, 17 September 2014

These days of Mindful Yoga are a chance to really honour yourself. To look after yourself, to nurture yourself and to spend some time deeply relaxing and resting. Nourishing yourself in this way allows you to let go of any stored tension or emotional stress, filling yourself up with positive energy which can then be shared with those around you. 

By Gina Macauley on Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Our recent Anatomy workshops with Kaye Tribe have been fantastic, and not just for the wonderful, easy way Kaye explains anatomy. Our afternoon teas have been delicious.

The Spiced Nuts, my old favourite, and Karen's Lumberjack cake have been the most popular. 

By Gina Macauley on Wednesday, 17 September 2014

The wonderful Paul Wooden will be back in Bendigo in October to lead a Five Day Early Morning Intensive.

It will be a wonderful opportunity to deepen your practice and get a taste of practicing every day. Paul is a remarkable teacher. He has been teaching Yoga for over 20 years and travels the world teaching retreats and intensives. I am so thrilled to have him here again to share his wisdom with us. 

Join us for an exploration of yoga asana,  pranayama and meditation. Over 5 consecutive morning sessions we will be experimenting with bringing a seamless integrity to our practice by refining perception and action. We will acheive this by deepening the relational connection with everything we do. 

By Gina Macauley on Wednesday, 17 September 2014
I'm pleased to say we will be having a few classes in the school holidays.


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