Thank You

As a thank you for subscribing to my site, please enjoy these meditations, relaxations and videos with my love and thanks.


Special Place Meditation

This meditation encourages you to develop a 'Special Place'. If you take the time to develop your 'Special Place' during meditation, you will be able to bring it to mind whenever you need it. Having a 'Special Place' can be a great refuge when you are not on the meditation cushion.  

Space Meditation

This meditation helps you create space in the body and mind, within you and outside of you.

Healing Yoga Nidra

This 16 minute Yoga Nidra includes a body relaxation and a visualisation for healing

Relaxation For Sleep

This is an 11 minute practice to help you drop off to sleep. 

Beach Visualisation Yoga Nidra

This is a 17 minute Yoga Nidra that includes a body scan and beach visualisation. 




Prana Nadi Mudras

The Prana Nadi Mudras are a set of mudras I like to use in meditation. Prana is the energetic life force that enlivens every living thing, it is most readily available through the breath, and the Nadis are the pathway through which prana flows. This set of mudras is about directing and feeling the subtle movement of breath in each part of the torso/lungs.

Circle of Joy Vinyasa

Circle of Joy is a lovely vinyasa focusing on the upper body - arms, shoulders, chest, upper back and neck. Great if you work on a computer, drive or spend a good part of your day bending forward (and let's face it, who doesn't?).

Setu Bandhasana Vinyasa

This is a lovely moving meditation practice. Great for centring the mind and body, for connecting to the breath and for bringing awareness, strength and energy into the arms, legs, spine and core. A great practice for the whole body.

Move with grace, strength and fluidity staying completely in the breath and movement. Enjoy the rhythm, enjoy the grace, enjoy feeling centred and grounded.

Windmill Vinyasa

This wonderful vinyasa is from my friend Jennie.
It is terrific for bring awareness and energy to the hips, core, shoulders and it connects beautifully with the breath.

Surya Namaskar

Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations) is one of my all time favourite vinyasas. It comprises of a series of forward and backbends sequenced together to form a vinyasa, a series of postures joined together with the breath.

Arm Vinyasa

This is a lovely vinyasa for opening the upper body. It brings space and energy to the torso, shoulders and neck and it creates space for the breath

Goddess Vinyasa

This Vinyasa is terrific for strengthening the legs, for balance and for connecting to the breath. You can use it as part of your pranayama practice with a gentle ujjayi breath, and focus on containing each part of the movement within each part of the breath. It creates heat (Jathara Agni) and opens the pathways for prana.

Vyagrasana Vinyasa

Vyagrasana (Tiger posture) is great for generating inner heat. It is terrific for strengthening the lower back along with the core, arms and legs, and is great for balance. Let's face it, it is just a great all over body tonic!